Super Engineering Plastics (SEP)

Super Engineering Plastics (SEP)

Our super engineering plastics are applied to a variety of devices for smart phones, tablet computers, personal computers, home electrical appliances, automobile, medical instruments, airplanes, industrial machines, cooking ware, and so on. Sumitomo Chemical Asia developed SUMIKASUPER® LCP, SUMIKAEXCEL® PES, and SUMIPLOY® supply systems in response to increasing demand, satisfying customers’ requirements in delivery time, quality, and technical support (application suggestion, mold design, mold condition and analysis).

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These products are under the authority of the Electronic Materials Division of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
SUMIKASUPER® LCP (liquid crystalline polymer (LCP), a super engineering plastic developed by Sumitomo Chemical, has an outstanding thin-wall fluidity, an excellent thin-wall mechanical strength, superior flame retardance (UL94 V-0) without any flame retardant, a maximum soldering temperature of 410°C, and long-term heat resistance at temperatures up to 260°C.

These performances enable the downsizing of many kinds of parts and structures, and enable the replacement of metals or ceramics by SUMIKASUPER. Demand for SUMIKASUPER has been increasing for electro and electronic applications such as connectors, relays, and many kinds of coil bobbins including motors. Today, the application of SUMIKASUPER are expanding to include automotive applications, office automation applications, and home appliance applications.
We started the production of SUMIKAEXCEL® PES (polyether sulfone) at our Ehime Works in 1994. PES is known for its well-balanced physical properties, such as superb dimensional stability, outstanding high heat creep resistance, excellent mechanical strength stability at temperatures up to 200°C, long-term heat resistance at temperatures of 180 to 200°C, low outgas, and flame retardancy (UL94 V-0) without any flame retardant. This product is used in various electronic components, automotive parts, and aerospace assemblies.
  • High Performance Polymer Compound (PEEK, PES, LCP)
  • Epoxy Resin