Health & Crop Sciences

Health & Crop Sciences

The Health & Crop Sciences Sector is responsible for the manufacture and sale of chemical/biorational pesticides, fertilizers, feed additives, insecticides for household and pest control, as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.

With the world population steadily increasing, food production is more critical than ever. These products assist the agricultural industry, moving toward stabilizing the yield of crops and livestock, preventing the spread of infectious diseases, and sustaining human lives around the world.

Health & Crop Sciences Sector contact information:
(AgroSolutions, Environmental Health, Animal Nutrition)


Animal Nutrition

We manufacture and supply methionine for feed additive use. Methionine is one of the essential amino…



Our products include a full range of both chemically-derived and biologically-derived pesticides…


Environmental Health

We provide solutions to many pest-associated problems like dengue, malaria, and damage by termites.