IT-related Chemicals

IT-Related Chemicals

The IT-Related Chemicals here in Singapore supplies a wide range of products that support ICT-related industries, including photoresists and high-purity chemicals used in the semiconductor manufacturing process and aluminum sputtering targets used for semiconductor chips’ wiring.

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Semiconductor Process Materials

The technological progress in semiconductors, which has supported the world’s IT revolution, never stops. Sumitomo Chemical manufactures and supplies photoresists and sputtering targets—both essential materials for semiconductor production processes—by utilizing our long-cultivated basic technologies in organic chemical synthesis, polymer synthesis, and high purification.

Our parent company, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. is operating globally by integrating manufacturing, marketing, and R&D, particularly in Japan and Korea (two world-leading centers of semiconductor manufacturing) with continued efforts to create next generation products and the early commercialization of new products.

These products are under authority of the Semiconductor Process Materials Division of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
Drawing on the broad expertise we have accumulated over many years as a diversified chemical company, we have developed SUMIRESIST® photoresists. Along with the advancement of microchip technology, the critical resolution of photoresists is being controlled with increased precision—from half a micron down to far below a quarter micron. In anticipation of ever-growing and diversifying customer needs, we are redoubling our development efforts for more advanced i-line photoresists as well as a newer generation of photoresists, including those for excimer laser lithography.
We use our proprietary crystal control technology to manufacture aluminum alloy targets and titanium targets of superior quality and reliability. The targets are then supplied to our customers worldwide as raw materials for electrodes and electric wiring for integrated circuits.

Our purification technology can be traced back to aluminum purification operations many years ago. This technology, together with our proprietary crystal control technology, has created aluminum sputtering targets of superior quality and reliability. We are the world’s one and only integrated manufacturers of these chemicals from the starting material to finished product.

  • Aluminum Sputtering Target for IC
  • Aluminum Sputtering Target for LCD