Did You Know about the Various Grades of SUMIPEX® PMMA?

10 March 2017

What is the predominant feature of Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA polymer) that has made it desirable and preferred for a plethora of uses across industries? No guesses there. It is the ability of this polymer to don multiple hats, suited for multiple requirements.

Based on the purpose it is to be used for, pure PMMA can be modified by incorporating different additives and subjecting it to appropriate processes. This results in the production of the various grades of PMMA polymer

A leading PMMA manufacturer and supplier, Sumitomo Chemical Asia produces and markets SUMIPEX® PMMA. Today, we take you through the classifications of SUMIPEX® PMMA Grades:

Extrusion and Heat Resistant Grades – As the names suggest, Extrusion Grade is suitable for extrusion applications (extrusion is a process that uses a die to get a material with a constant cross-sectional cut). Heat Resistant Grades are suitable for applications where the material needs to withstand high temperatures.

SUMIPEX® PMMA’s EX (Extrusion Grade) and ME, MH (Heat Resistant Grades) can be used for various applications in the automotive sector – for rear tail lamps and speedometer covers. Extrusion sheets find their application in the manufacturing of signages and displays, sound barriers and construction applications.

Optical Grades – The 5 optical grades of SUMIPEX® PMMA namely MHN, EXN, MG5, MGSS and MGSV are used for applications where optical characteristics like transparency and transmittance of light are of prime importance. Production of light guide panels (LGPs) for electronic displays such as LED televisions, monitors, note books and tablets are the areas where optical grades find their use.

Special Grades – EP is a Chemical Resistant Grade which has a higher spiral flow length, which implies that it is ideal for both injection and extrusion usage. The stronger chemical resistance in comparison to typical SUMIPEX® PMMA grades makes it applicable for usage in the automotive industry. Typical applications of the EP Grade include rear tail lamps and cosmetic bottles and containers.

High Flow and General Purpose Grades – The LG (General Purpose), LG2 and LG2S (High Flow) Grades can be subject to injection moulding and annealing. These grades of the thermoplastic PMMA are used in a variety of products such as housewares, cosmetic bottles, lens covers for electrical appliances and ornament products.

High Impact Grades – These grades can be further classified into General Purpose (for Extrusion & Injection) – HT084S, HT082S, High Heat and Transparency (for Extrusion & Injection) – HT01X, HT55X, HT25X and High Flow and Transparency (for Injection) – HT02Y, HT72Y, HT22Y Grades. They are predominantly used for applications where the material needs to withstand high impact. However, if you intend to use these grades of the thermoplastic PMMA for food and/or medical purposes, please consult with us.

Further, some specific SUMIPEX® grades have been tested for these standards and certifications*:

  • UL Standard
  • RoHs (Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances) [Directive 2002/95/EC]
  • With reference to U.S. 21 CFR Food and Drug Administration (Part 177.1010 Clause B)
  • Automotive Safety Standard (FMVSS) [USA]
  • AMECA [MH and ME grade for clear, red, yellow, grey and brown]

*Standards and Certifications are applicable for specific grades only, and not for all grades of SUMIPEX® PMMA. Please consult with us, should you have any queries.

Sumitomo Chemical Asia manufactures Polymethyl Methacrylate by an advanced bulk polymerization process, followed by adopting various synthesis routes for producing different grades of PMMA polymer. Highly integrated MMA and PMMA lines are situated in the same production site and pipeline transportation of the raw material ensure efficiency in production of PMMA.

Sumitomo Chemical Asia also incorporates waste management techniques like ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ at source and strict monitoring of waste stream like PH monitoring and emission sampling. Care is taken to ensure that there is no unplanned release of environment pollutant. Adopting a transparent and systematic approach to production and distribution that carefully and meticulously manages waste is the primary objective.

If you are looking to purchase specific grades of SUMIPEX® PMMA, or if you require more information on any of our products, we’re happy to assist you.