Our Plants

Plant History

Our MMA Plant and SUMIPEX® PMMA Plant are both located in Jurong Island with vertical integration from raw material to product and customers. Raw materials are available through pipelines as well as bulk imports.

Since its inception in 1990, Sumitomo Chemical Asia has strived to ensure that quality is a crucial part of the state-of-the-art facilities and processes.

This timeline traces the journey of Sumitomo Chemical Asia through the years:

Jul 1996

Incorporation of SMAG* Companies

Oct 1998

Mechanical Completion of SMAG-I (products are: MMA/PMMA, Crude/Glacial Acrylic Acids, Acrylic Esters and Super Absorbent Polymer)

Dec 1998

Commercial Operation of SMAG-I (SMM-I and SMP-I plants)

Nov 2000

Production Received ISO 9001 Certification

Nov 2003

Construction of SMAG-II (SMM-II and SMP-Debottlenecking)

Jul 2004

Reorganization of Acrylic Acid Business (Swap: Sumitomo Chemical Asia takes MMA while Nippon Shokubai takes Acrylic Acid)

Aug 2005

Commercial Operation of SMAG-II

Apr 2006

Start Construction of SMAG-III (SMM-III and SMP-II)

Aug 2007

Establishment of R&D facilities in SCA

Q1 2008

Commercial Operation of SMAG-III

Jan 2014

Commercial Operation of SMAG-IV