PMMA Applications


SUMIPEX® PMMA largely finds its use in various homeware applications including furniture and kitchen accessory products. The aesthetic advantage and scratch resistant properties favour SUMIPEX® PMMA’s extensive usage.

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Various chemical and thermal processes can provide excellent structural and functional properties to SUMIPEX® PMMA. SUMIPEX® PMMA is easily coloured to suit the wide range of automotive applications.

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Electronic Displays

SUMIPEX® PMMA, with its unmatched optical properties, is the obvious choice for various applications in electronics domain. With the fast advancements in the field of electronics, display units need to be robust, clear and must have excellent optical clarity.

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Cosmetic Packaging

SUMIPEX® PMMA is lightweight, stable, and fully recyclable and finds its use in cosmetic packaging. It does not contain toxic materials like heavy metals and BPA that are harmful and hazardous to human and the environment, making recycling an easy and convenient process.

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Modern day lighting has taken leaps and bounds from where the field stood just a few years ago. Elegant, chic, and energy-efficient lighting products for display are the new norm and SUMIPEX® PMMA effortlessly allows for producing aesthetic lighting equipment.

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Optical Lenses

SUMIPEX® PMMA is well known for its transparency and clarity. It is widely used in optical lenses industry such as sunglasses lenses and reading glasses. UV stability and ease of colourability make it a prime choice for this usage.