Various chemical and thermal processes can provide a myriad of structural and functional properties to SUMIPEX® PMMA. With these newly acquired properties, the SUMIPEX® PMMA resin is used as an integral part of various automotive applications.

SUMIPEX® PMMA is used in automotive tail lamps due to its unmatched transparency and weathering properties, ensuring longevity of the product parts.

SUMIPEX® PMMA is highly suitable for multiple colouring options from transparent to deep colour. Properties like surface hardness and UV resistance result in SUMIPEX® PMMA being used to create interior and exterior panels, trim and other moulded parts.

Optical clarity, light transmission abilities, and accuracy in colour are favourable properties that enable the use of SUMIPEX® PMMA in external, rear, and indicator light covers.

SUMIPEX® PMMA is also used in number plates owing to its durability and high visibility. The properties of SUMIPEX® PMMA can be altered as the application demands. Properties like impact resistance, chemical resistance, light diffusion, UV filtering and optical effects can be easily modified by subjecting the base ingredient to various physical and chemical processes.