Electronic Displays

SUMIPEX® PMMA, with its unmatched optical properties, is the obvious choice for various applications in the electronics domain. With the fast advancements in the field of electronics, display units need to be robust, clear and must have excellent optical clarity.

Properties like durability, transmission of light, scratch resistance, and surface hardness are favourable for SUMIPEX® PMMA used in the electronics industry for display units.

Owing to its desirable properties, this acrylic glass is used in the display units of top electronic brands. Production of Light Guide Panel (LGP) for electronic displays like LED televisions, notebooks and tablets, electrical equipment display and infrared transmitter/receiver windows are also made from SUMIPEX® PMMA. The surface hardness and scratch resistance properties lead to SUMIPEX® PMMA being used for various appliance parts and control panel as well.