Modern day lighting has taken leaps and bounds from where the field stood just a few years ago. Elegant, chic, and energy-efficient lighting products for display are the new norm and SUMIPEX® PMMA effortlessly allows for producing aesthetic lighting equipment.

Superior light transmitting qualities, transparency and heat resistance are some reasons behind SUMIPEX® PMMA being extremely popular and sought after for optical applications.

The brilliance and transparent texture of SUMIPEX® PMMA result in it being predominantly used for lighting purposes. A myriad choice of colours and textures to choose from, SUMIPEX® offers a kaleidoscopic plethora of hues and effects. The result – a well-lit, aesthetically pleasing home or office space.

SUMIPEX® PMMA is also extensively used in the manufacturing of LED light guide panels and lens caps as it helps to maximise their light emitting potential. Modern homes today are embellished by various lighting fixtures as well as by skylights. Lower energy costs, aesthetic appearance and reduced environmental impact result in SUMIPEX® PMMA being preferred for lighting purposes.