About Us

IRPC A&L Co., Ltd. was established in August 1996 as TPI Sumika ABS Co. Ltd. before being renamed in February 2007.


ABS, PC / ABS, ASA, AES, and others. About BAS resin: ABS resin consists of styrene, acrylonitrile, and butadiene. Acrylonitrile improves heat resistance and oil resistance. Butadiene improves impact strength and styrene improves flow-ability in the mold and electric feature. ABS resin has good balanced features according to these monomer combinations. ABS capacity as of 2014 was around 9,000,000 tons in the world and 280,000 tons in Thailand.

Main Function

To supply BAS resins and others as same brand produced by IRPC to Japanese transplants mainly such as automotive makers.


THAI ABS CO. LTD. (TAC) (60%); NIPPON A&L INC. (35%); SUMI-THAI INTERNATIONAL LTD. (5%) (TAC is a subsidiary company of IRPC Public Co., Ltd.)


Sumitomo Naugatuck (the present Nippon A&L) was licensed from US Rubber Company in 1963 after years of refining. He licensed his improved BAS technology to TPI (TAC) in 1988. Capacity as of 2014 was around 180,000 tons.

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