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About Sumitomo Chemical Australia

Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Ltd was established in 1998 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Co, Japan. We work to develop, register and market products for AgroSolutions, household insecticides, environmental health, and professional pest control for use in Australia and New Zealand. We have a team of eight sales and technical support staff based in key agricultural production regions of Australia with particular focus on horticulture and cotton production. Our head office in Sydney houses our customer service, marketing, product development, and regulatory staff.

Products & Services

We have a strong track record of innovation and for developing new and novel products for Australian farmers and for general household pest control. Our range of products includes:

  • Conventional agricultural chemicals including insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides
  • Biological insecticides for use in crop pest management and mosquito larvae control
  • Plant growth regulators for improving crop productivity and fruit quality
  • Specialized products for use in household insecticides and invasive ant control
  • Products for use in turf and the home garden


Sumitomo Chemical Australia is regarded as the market leader in biological insecticides and plant growth regulators. Sumitomo’s USA based subsidiary Valent Biosciences has for over 40 years been producing a range of naturally occurring, environmentally compatible pesticides, and plant growth regulators. Four of Sumitomo Chemical Australia’s biological insecticides and two plant growth regulators are certified as allowable inputs by Australian Certified Organic.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sumitomo Chemical Australia is also partner to various Australian government initiatives in managing pest problems for the betterment of communities, including:

  • The QLD Government’s program to eradicate the imported Red Invasive Fire Ant which poses a threat to human amenity, wildlife, and agricultural production
  • Local council mosquito control programs for human amenity and vector control relating to diseases such as Dengue fever and Ross River virus
  • State government funded programs for Australian plague locust control

Contact Details

ACN 081 096 255 Level 5
51 Rawson Street
Epping NSW Australia 2121

Phone: 02-8752-9000
Facsimile (General): 02-8752-9099
Toll Free: 1800-060-671