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Sumitomo Seika Asia Pacific


About Us

Sumitomo Seika Asia Pacific is the subsidiary of Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd. and sells all products of Sumitomo Seika and Super Absorbent polymer of Sumitomo Seika Singapore as the sales and marketing office in Asia Pacific. Sumitomo Seika Chemicals is a chemical company offering products with unique functions. Our flagship products are super absorbent polymers for disposable diapers, polymer products for cosmetics, electronics gases for liquid crystal and LED, fine chemicals for pharmaceutical intermediates, oxygen gas generators for steel manufacturers, and many other products. We are promoting the development of such products for various industries that make our lives easier while paying attention to quality, environment, and safety. We aim to be a chemical company that consistently contributes to society.


Chemistry has the power to provide a bright future. We, Sumitomo Seika, contribute to social development through the development of world-class original technologies in chemistry and the provision of unique, high-quality products.


I. Super Absorbent Polymers

  • Hygiene Products (disposable/baby diapers and sanitary napkins)
  • Industrial Materials

II. Functional Chemicals

  • Water-soluble Polymers
  • Water-absorbent Polymers
  • Emulsion
  • Latex
  • Powdered Plastics

III. Fine Chemicals

  • Pharmaceutical-related Products
  • Various Additive
  • Various Industrial Chemicals
  • Electrolyte Solvents
  • Functional Materials

IV. Gases

  • Electronic Gases (semiconductor gases)
  • Mixed Gases
  • High-Purity Gases
  • Standard Gases
  • Precision Pressure Regulator
  • Gases for Precision Industries
  • Medical Gases
  • Gases used in daily life

V. Engineering

  • PSA System PSA Gas Generator
  • Chemical Plant
  • Equipment for Electronic Industry

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sumitomo Seika Group has established a “basic management policy for safety, environment, and quality” based on the ideas of “contributing to the formation of a sustainable society” and “prioritizing safety over everything else” for promoting our business, and has been proactively engaged in related activities in accordance with the philosophy of responsible care through all business activities.

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